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The US-China Transpacific Foundation aspires to build strong educational programs, tours and create opportunities for the mutual exchange of ideas relative to politics, economics, culture and education between the US and China.  With greater understanding and appreciation of both the commonalities and differences between the nations, the UCTPF hopes to open the door for positive and meaningful relationships between key decision-makers in both countries.


  • Political Delegations —The Foundation aims to create a respectful and supportive environment that will allow political delegations from both countries to explore issues of significance that are affecting the global landscape with open and transparent dialogue.

  • Economic and Trade Delegations —The Foundation seeks to strengthen beneficial economic and financial co-operation between the two nations.  

  • Education and Cultural Programs —The Foundation encourages the exchange of ideas and fosters greater understanding and goodwill between the future leaders of US and China. 

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UCTPF organizes business delegation trips with influencing entrepreneurs and family businesses to exchange ideas and explore areas of cooperation. The trip allows entrepreneurs from both countries to learn from world-class business operation model. 

Select the program and click for more info below:

Visit Amcham Shanghai

Visit Alibaba Headquarters

Visit CRRC Zhuzhou Locomotive

Visit SANY

Visit Mianyang High-Tech Industrial Development Zone


Visit Tianjin Binhai Hi-tech Industrial Development Area

Visit Hainan Airline Group

Visit Northern Heavy Industry Group and

Shenyang Yuanda Enterprise Group

Visit Huaxin Cloud Data Center and Accenture Information Technology (Dalian) Co., Ltd.  

Visit BYD Company

Visit Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

Visit Zinan Village Community and CHS Factory 

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The US-China Transpacific Foundation is dedicated to strengthening the US-China partnership and cultivating the next generation of public intellectuals necessary to sustain this partnership. The Foundation support a wide range of programs conducted by global institutions including universities, think tanks and Fortune 500 technology companies. These programs explore contemporary issues of global concern, technological innovation and sustainable development amongst a wide spectrum of topics.

Select the program and click for more info below:

Visit Zhejiang University

Visit HuNan University and Yuelu Academy

Visit New Oriental School

Visit New Oriental Academy

Visit Perfect World Education Institute  

Visit Shenzhen University


UCTPF forms an integral cultural and educational bridge between the US and China. Through the universal medium of art, music and dance, we strive to build enduring bonds that bring two disparate nations together. We believe through these cultural exchanges, budding students, artists and business leaders from both nations are able to forge new friendships, opportunities and lasting memories.

Select the program and click for more info below:

Tour the Great Wall

Taste China's Local Delicacies

Tour Cultural Sites in Hunan

Tour Sichuan Cultural Sites

Visit Cultural Sites in Tianjin

Visit Yuanmingyuan Park and South Luogu Lane

Tour Great Wall, Palace Museum and Temple of Heaven

Visit Cultural Sites in Hainan Province

Visit Museum of September 18th Incident 

Visit Zhao Mausoleum  

Visit Shenyang Palace Museum 

Visit National Museum of China 

Visit Shenzhen Museum of Contemporary Art

Visit Foshan Ancestral Temple 

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