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UCTPF Delegation Met with Senator Orrin Hatch

On the morning of May 2nd 2017, UCTPF delegates accompanied Ambassador Cui Tiankai  to meet with Senator Orrin Hatch, President pro tempore and Chair of the Senate Finance Committee. The Foundation was represented by Chairman Sigmund Rogich, Vice-chairman Liu Zhiwei, Vice-chairman John Landrem, President Gavin Chen and Vice-president Winston Nyo.

During the meeting, Ambassador Cui dialogued with Senator Hatch, reaffirming the importance of implementing the four dialogue mechanisms. 

UCTPF Delegation Visited Senator John McCain

On May 1st, the UCTPF delegates visited Senator John McCain, Chair of the Senate Armed Services Committee, in the Senate Office Building in Washington D.C. Both parties recognized the importance of improving bilateral ties and that the two nations should raise close communication and cooperation in a wide range of areas.

UCTPF Delegation Visited Senator Dean Heller

UCTPF delegates visited Senator Dean Heller, who was a member of the House of Representatives from Nevada and Nevada State Secretary.  Both parties elaborated on the grand vision of US-China relationship.

UCTPF Delegation Visited Senator Dan Sullivan 

On April 28th, 2017, the Foundation visited Senate China Working Group Chairman Senator Dan Sullivan from Alaska and discussed the topics regarding cooperation between US and China in green field projects and in developing energy resources in Alaska.

Invited to Lunch at Ambassador Cui's Residence

UCTPF delegates were cordially invited to visit Ambassador Cui’s official residence. The meeting was conducted in a welcomed atmosphere. Mr. Sig Rogich, Chairman of the Foundation, sincerely invited Ambassador Cui to take part in the activities organized by the Foundation.

UCTPF Chairman Sig Rogich, Vice Chairman Liu Zhiwei, President Gavin Chen and Vice-President Winston Nyo, was with Ambassador Cui Tiankai at his residence.

UCTPF Delegation Dined with USCPF

On the evening of April 28th 2017, UCTPF delegation dined with the members of the US-China Policy Foundation (USCPF).  Both Foundations discussed ways of cooperation to promote the development of US-China relations.

During the dinner, UCTPF Vice Chairman Liu Zhiwei presented USCPF Chairman Wang Chi with a calligraphy works of “Lao Ji Fu Li” (translated as “aspirations and dreams defy time and age”).

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