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The China-US Economic and Trade Service Center was established to promote economic and commercial cooperation between China and the United States. Its goals are to create an exchange platform to connect businesses, generate new opportunities for major enterprises in both countries, and facilitate deeper economic and trade dialogue. The Center seeks to identify shared interests and potential areas of collaboration that offer mutual benefits, enable interactions and common development, and support sustainable growth for government agencies, industry groups, companies, entrepreneurs and investors in both countries. It also aims to advance (ESG) environmental protection, corporate social responsibility and good governance. The Center strives to strengthen economic ties, communication and collaboration between China and the US for the prosperity of both nations.


The Center is committed to helping members gain insights into US-China trade issues, providing information, and establishing contacts to ensure their commercial success in China and the United States. In addition to its focused and pragmatic service work, the Center covers all matters related to US-China commerce, trade, and investment.

Members will include many prominent figures from China and the United States, covering a wide range of industries and sectors, from leading industries and enterprises that innovate and respond to global challenges to emerging and rapidly growing industries that shape the future, including energy and environmental industries, natural resources, financial and wealth management services, manufacturing, construction, transportation, agriculture and food industries, culture and tourism industries, information and computer technology, public areas, and education.


Through member services and various activities, the Center will provide members with business insights, intelligence, contacts, and networking opportunities, helping them address issues encountered in their business processes, including arranging for local Chinese and American enterprises, member enterprises, legal or crisis handling public relations contacts.


Foundation has invited well-known business figures who share the same aspirations to participate in the China-U.S. Economic and Trade Council to provide governance to the Center, including:


1. Common Goals:

Well-known figures who share a common understanding of the importance of healthy development of China-U.S. relations for the positive development of the business communities of both countries.


2. Social Reputation:

Well-known figures who have outstanding achievements in their respective fields and have good social reputation and influence.


3. Communication and Sharing:

Well-known figures who are willing to share, exchange, and learn from successful experiences with well-known figures from both China and the United States.


4. Lead by Example:

Well-known figures who support youth development projects and serve as role models for the younger generation.

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