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UCTPF Organizes US Congressional Staff Delegation to Hunan Province and discusses Poverty Alleviation with Officials of Hunan Provincial People’s Congress.

Ryan McConaghy, Assistant Democratic Secretary of the United States Senate, previously Staff Director at the Democratic Policy and Communications Center run by Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer, led a delegation of eleven congressional staff on a visit to China from April 1st 2018 to April 7th 2018.


UCTPF is honored to have the delegates grace this event with their participation.

Visit MFA and CPIFA

The US delegation traveled to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of People’s Republic of China on April 2nd, 2018. Both sides exchanged views and insights on the challenges ahead for US-China relations.


Afterwards, the delegates were invited to a lunch session hosted by the Vice-President of CPIFA, Mr. Zhao Weiping. The delegates also had an in-depth discussion with many scholars on the positive development of US-China relations. They further expressed their gratitude to the Chinese hosts for their thoughtful and warm reception.

Visit CITIC Foundation

The U.S. Congressional Staff delegation visited the CITIC Foundation for Reform and Development Studies. The delegates were first warmly welcomed by the President of CITIC Foundation Mr. Kong Dan, while Former Chairman and President of The Export-Import Bank Of China, a member of CITIC Foundation, Mr. Li Ruogu gave opening remarks.


In the subsequent seminar, the delegation, CITIC Foundation members, as well as guest experts and scholars shared their views enthusiastically and offered insightful remarks that made for a meaningful discussion.

Meet With Hunan Officials

The U.S. Congressional Staff delegation was warmly welcomed by the Vice-Chairman of Changsha Municipal People’s Congress, Mr. Yuan Liming. Ryan McConaghy, leader of the delegation, expressed his views that this trip widened their horizons, having been presented the opportunity to witness China’s modernization and experience the vitality of the Chinese society.

The US delegation was also invited to a discussion organised by Hunan Provincial People’s Congress’ Overseas Chinese Affairs Committee and the Financial and Economic Affairs Committee, as well as Foreign and Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of Hunan and Hunan Provincial Office of Poverty Alleviation and Development of Hunan Provincial People’s Government. During the meeting, local leaders introduced the results of Hunan’s recent economic growth, development of the pillar industries, progress of poverty alleviation.

Among the delegation were those from North Carolina and Colorado, and these states have established sister relations with Hunan province. As such, Chris Carter, Chief of Staff of Representative Richard Hudson of North Carolina, as well as Brian Appel, Legislative Director of Michael Bennet of Colorado, gave a brief overview of their respective states, further learnt about the Hunan’s development from provincial leaders, and expressed their hopes to explore with the Chinese on how to engage in deeper level cooperation.

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