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Visit Amcham Shanghai

During the US delegates' visit to the American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai, the receiving staff briefed the delegates on American enterprises doing business in China.

Visit Alibaba Headquarters

During the visit to Alibaba Headquarters, relevant personnel from Alibaba introduced in detail to the US  delegates the company’s history and progress.

Visit CRRC Zhuzhou Locomotive

The US delegation took the high-speed train headed for Zhuzhou, a first for many of them! They spoke highly of this experience, sharing their surprise and delight that that the train was able to travel very quickly and smoothly.

At CRRC, Mr. Hu Yuewen, Deputy Chief Economist and General Manager of Overseas Market Sales, introduced the delegation to China’s railway technology development. The delegation learned how China overcame challenges through its unwavering determination and grit, pulling itself up from the bottom of the ranks and emerging as the forerunner of the world high-speed rail technology. 

Visit SANY

The U.S. Congressional Staff delegation arrived at SANY Heavy Industry. Through first-hand interaction with SANY staff, the delegation gained a deeper understanding of China’s critical successes across different industries, including “Industry 4.0” and increasing industrial intelligence, among others.

Visit Mianyang High-Tech Industrial Development Zone 

The US delegates went to Mianyang High-Tech Industrial Development Zone where they visited many high-tech enterprises. The delegates were impressed by the comprehensive infrastructure, emerging technology industry and comfortable ecological environment in the development zone, and had a renewed impression of the “Made in China” model and industrial upgrading.


In the Sichuan Changhong Electronic Ltd Co, the delegation interacted with leaders of the company. As the largest television manufacturer in the world, Changhong owns a mechanized manufacturing line, giving the delegation a new understanding of China's high-tech development in recent years, as well as the ambition and responsibility of Chinese companies.

The delegates also visited the Xinwang Bank, Sichuan’s first private bank invested by New Hope Group. As part of the new generation of Internet banks, Xinwang Bank uses data-driven services, embodying the new era of "Internet intelligence." The delegates were impressed with the service features of the bank and showed great interest and curiosity during the visit.

Visit Tianjin Binhai Hi-tech Industrial Development Area

The US delegates visited Tianjin Binhai Hi-Tech Industrial Development Area, a national independent innovation demonstration zone established to promote independent innovation capability, strengthen industrial competitiveness and to guide regional development. There, the delegates experienced the completeness of its industrial distribution capabilities and advanced infrastructures meant to support hi-tech industries, providing new perspectives on Chinese’s technology capabilities. Besides the overview of the industrial area, the delegates were invited for a company tour of Tiandy Technologies, a world renowned manufacturer of advanced video surveillance solutions where they were given an eye-opening introduction on the rapid development of China’s emerging Internet of Things industry. 

Visit Hainan Airline Group

During the stay in Hainan, the US delegation also visited Hainan Airline Group. The rapid growth of HNA Group from a local aviation transportation operator to a global company since the establishment in 1993 brought the delegation a new understanding of the fast development of China’s transportation industry.

Visit Northern Heavy Industry Group and Shenyang Yuanda Enterprise Group 

The US  delegation visited Northern Heavy Industry Group Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as "NHI"). NHI is a key enterprise in reform of state-owned enterprises and revitalization of old industrial bases in Shenyang. In April 2019, NHI changed from a state-holding enterprise to a mixed-ownership one and entered a new stage of development. The delegation also visited the mining machinery and equipment workshop of NHI. This visit promoted their understanding of the current status, reform direction and future development path of traditional state-owned enterprises in Northeast China. 

On the same day, the delegation visited Shenyang Yuanda Enterprise Group, where the delegation had an in-depth discussion with representatives of Yuanda Group on issues like the relationship between non-public enterprises and the local government, tax reform as well as its staff’s quality. They also exchanged views on international competitiveness and future development plans of Yuanda Enterprise Group. 

Visit Huaxin Cloud Data Center and Accenture Information Technology (Dalian) Co., Ltd.  

The US delegation visited Huaxin Cloud Data Center in Dalian. Through the introduction by representatives from Huaxin, the delegation improved their understanding of the service standard and scientific level of Huaxin’s computer technology. They also gained more comprehensive insights into the development status of big data industry in China. 

The delegation also visited Accenture Information Technology (Dalian) Co., Ltd. Representatives from Accenture introduced their business scope, core services and key technologies to the delegation, promoting the delegates’ understanding of the business environment and development status of American-owned enterprises represented by Accenture in Dalian. 

Visit BYD Company

The US delegation went to BYD Co., Ltd, where they gained a deeper understanding of its automotive, new energy vehicles and IT industries. The Delegates showed great interest in BYD's new energy vehicles and solar power plants.

Visit Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

The US delegation went for a long-anticipated visit to Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd, where they had an in-depth discussion on the future development of 5G technology, intellectual property protection, network security, and the development of private enterprises in China. This Huawei trip gave delegates a deeper understanding of Huawei's development strategy and corporate culture.

Visit Zinan Village Community and CHS Factory 

The US delegation took the high-speed Rail headed to Foshan to visit Zinan Village Community and CHS Factory. As the “Top Ten Well-off Villages in China”, “Civilized Villages in Guangdong” as well as “National Civilized Villages and Towns”, Zinan Village demonstrated itself as a brand-new Chinese village and gave the delegates a new understanding of the poverty alleviation and rural vitalization policy in China. The CHS Factory also presented the delegation of Foshan's energy conservation and new energy industries.

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