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UCTPF Organizes U.S. Congressional Staff Delegation to Beijing and Shenzhen to View Reform and Opening up

At the invitation of Chinese People’s Institute of Foreign Affairs, William Kelsey Van Horne, legislative counsel of Democratic Senator Ben Cardin, led a delegation of twelve congressional staff on a visit to China from October 6th to October 14th, 2019. This trip aims at bringing an all-round understanding of China’s Reform and Opening Up Policy to the delegation. During their stay in China, they visited a number of government bodies, institutions and cultural sites, where they carried out in-depth exchanges on Reform and Opening Up Policy, US-China relations, international and regional issues of common concern with their Chinese counterparts for a better US-China relation.

Visits China Institute for International Strategic Studies 

The US delegation visited the China Institute for International Strategic Studies(CIISS), where they had a candid discussion with experts and scholars on issues of common concern. The delegation was warmly received by Gong Xianfu, Vice President of CIISS. The two sides exchanged views on network security, scientific and technological cooperation and anti-terrorism cooperation. Both sides agreed that the seminar is of great help to enhance the policy understanding between the U.S. and China and were looking forward to more communications in the future.

Meet Shenzhen Officials

The US delegation met with Qian Jiajun,Deputy Director of the Shenzhen Foreign Affairs Office. Mr. Qian introduced the development history of Shenzhen, which benefits a lot from Reform and Opening Policy, to the delegates. The two sides have an in-depth discussion on the achievements and experience of the 40 years of Shenzhen's reform and opening. The delegates indicated that the whole world marvels at the earth-shaking changes in Shenzhen.

Visit China Development Institute

The US delegation went to the China (Shenzhen) Development Institute (CDI) to attend a seminar on October 10th. Jointly founded in 1989 by 116 government officials, economists and entrepreneurs, CDI develops policy solutions on open economy and innovation-driven development, regional economy and regional development, industrial policies and industrial development, urbanization and urban development, and business strategies and investment decision-making. Both sides shared views on the economic and social development of Shenzhen.

Meet People’s Congress of Foshan City

The US delegates met and attended a banquet held by Liu Shan, deputy director of the Standing Committee of Foshan Municipal People’s Congress. Ms. Liu first introduced Foshan's position as a national historical and cultural city as well as an important node city of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area. Both sides exchanged ideas on Foshan's strategic development plan and ways to inherit and carry forward Chinese traditional culture.

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