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UCTPF Hosts Reception for Ambassador Cui Tiankai and Consul General Luo Linquan in Nevada

On Monday, July 16, 2018, UCTPF hosted a cocktail reception and dinner for Ambassador Cui Tiankai, the Ambassador from the People’s Republic of China to the United States and Consul General Luo Linquan, from the Consulate-General of the People’s Republic of China in San Francisco to meet with civic and business leaders in Nevada.   Guests included elected officials and staff, official tourism representatives, leaders from the University of Nevada, as well as executives from various industries including hospitality and tourism, service providers and product suppliers.

Sig Rogich, the Chairman of the UCTPF, welcomed the Ambassador, the Consul General and their staff, and addressed all guests as he discussed recent developments in US-China relations and the importance of continued dialog.  He highlighted the significance of Chinese visitors to Nevada and emphasized the value of building and maintaining clear communication pathways for the exchange of ideas.

Ambassador Cui thanked the Foundation for hosting the event on his behalf, the Consul General and their staff for their presence, and for the warm welcome they had received.  He discussed the value of UCTPF’s efforts in organizing events where business and political leaders meet to discuss issues important to both China and the United States.   He expressed his gratitude to all guests for attending the event and encouraged further interaction between business leaders, students and, elected officials from the United States and China.

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