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PRC Vice-President Wang Qishan Met withUS-China Track Two High-level Exchange US Delegation

Mr. Wang Qishan, Vice-President of PRC, met with US-China Track Two High-level Exchange US delegation, which was led jointly by Mr. Joseph Lieberman, former senior US Senator and Amb. Sigmund Rogich, Chairman of UCTPF, at Zhongnanhai Ziguangge on September 16th, 2019.

Mr. Wang Qishan and the US delegation had an open exchange on the problems both countries are facing and the different ways to deepen mutual interests, to improve US-China relations. Mr. Wang reckoned that the differences between both nations stem from each’s historical development in political, culture and value system. Hence, he could not stress enough the need for both nations to try to understand each other’s history.

Both Mr. Wang Qishan and the US Track II delegation reciprocated that non-official exchanges enable more candid and open discussion. Mr. Wang was pleased to point out that " Track II High-level diplomacy" is a special kind of non-official diplomacy, which can promote friendly exchanges between both countries and strengthen mutual trust. He had high expectations for this High-level Track II exchange and expected UCTPF and CPIFA to continue to facilitate events and exchanges on a long-term basis, to promote the devel- opment of US-China relations.

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