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UCTPF Organizes U.S. Congressional Staff Delegation to Sichuan Province.  Giant Panda, the National Treasure, Promotes Sino-US Cultural Exchanges.

On August 2018, Joshua Sheinkman, Democratic Staff Director of Senator Ron Wyden, led a delegation of fifteen congressional staff on a visit to China. During their stay in China, they visited many institutions, organizations, and cultural sites where they had many in-depth discussions with their Chinese hosts.

Visit ​China Center for International Economic Exchanges

The US delegates visited China Center for International Economic Exchanges and exchanged views on the ongoing frictions between the U.S. and China as well as the future of US-China bilateral relations with invited experts and established scholars. During the heated discussions and conversations, the guests exchanged in-depth views.

Meet with Sichuan Officials

The US delegates met and had lunch with leaders of Sichuan Provincial Office of Foreign Affairs. Joshua Sheinkman, leader of the delegation had a great conversation with Mr. Chen Wenhua, Vice-Chairman of Sichuan Provincial People’s Congress, where they exchanged views about the National People’s Congress system. Afterwards, Joshua Sheinkman discussed the differences between the National People’s Congress and the U.S. Congress to increase mutual understanding. 


The US delegates visited Chengdu CPPCC. Vice Chairman Mr. Yang Linxing gave a welcome address and exchanged views with the delegates to help them understand the role of the CPPCC in political consultation, democratic supervision and participation in and deliberation of state affairs, as well as conveying the varied views from different parts of Chinese society. 

The delegates also visited AmCham Southwest where they discussed about American companies operating in China, which gave them a deeper understanding of US-China trade relations.

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