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UCTPF Organizes U.S. Congressional Staff Delegation  to Beijing and Tianjin.   Discussion on Sino-US Intellectual Property Exchange and cooperation.

Corey Messervy, Administrative Manager –Director of Constituent Services of Republican Senator Orrin Hatch of Utah, led a delegation of eleven congressional staff on a visit to China from October 26th2018 to November 4th2018. Through attending several political and cultural visits, they managed to engage in candid and in-depth exchanges with the Chinese hosts regarding China’s economic development and intellectual property protection efforts.


UCTPF organized and facilitated this visit. 

US Congressional StaffVisits National Copyright Administration of the People’s  Republic of China

On the afternoon of October 29th, the delegation visited the National Copyright Administration of the People’s  Republic of China and met with Mr. Tang Zhaozhi, Deputy Director General of Copyright Department. On the same day, Deputy Director General Tang delivered a speech on the protection of Chinese intellectual property rights, copyright trading between China and the United States, and exchanged views with the delegation on international copyright issues such as online piracy. It was an informative session which helped the delegates to develop an in-depth understanding of China’s copyright laws as well as the bilateral copyright trade situation.

US Congressional StaffVisits the Supreme People’s Court of the People’s  Republic of China

On the morning of October 30th, the delegates arrived at the Supreme People’s Court of the People’s Republic of China to meet with Judge Zhu Li from the Intellectual Property Tribunal of the Supreme People’s Court. There, they had a discussion on the increasingly serious situation of intellectual property protection. Through the exchange, the delegation achieved a deeper understanding of China’s domestic IP protection situation and the cooperation undertaken between the US and Chinese Supreme Courts. The discussion concluded with both sides acknowledging that there are still rooms for improvement to protect IP in both countries.

US Congressional Staff Visits National Intellectual Property Administration 

On the afternoon of October 30th, the delegates visited the National Intellectual Property Administration and was received by Director Wu Kai from the Cooperation Department. During the meeting, Director Wu Kai introduced to the delegates the core responsibilities of the Administration while emphasizing that the liaison, cooperation and exchange activities for the development of bilateral patent works requires joint efforts and cooperation from both countries. To round off the visit, Director Wu Kai and the delegates had a lively debate on factors affecting protection of intellectual property rights.

US Congressional StaffVisits Beijing Intellectual Property Court

On the morning of October 31st, the delegation visited the Beijing Intellectual Property Court and met with its Chief Judge, Mr Wang Jinshan. Chief Judge Wang Jinshan introduced the Court as the judicial organ that handles intellectual property cases and the implementation of relevant laws and duties. He indicated that protecting intellectual property rights effectively is now a matter that requires careful consideration, given the rapid rise in importance of intellectual property fuelled by the growing trend of entrepreneurship and innovation, which results in more patents and trademarks being filed. The delegation expressed its views on the above issues and received new insights into the relevant judicial system for intellectual property protection in China.

US Congressional Staff Visits CITIC Foundation for Reform and Development Studies

On the evening of October 31st, the delegation visited the CITIC Foundation for Reform and Development Studies where they were warmly hosted by the President of CITIC Foundation, Mr Kong Dan. He engaged the delegates in a forum discussion before rounding the night off with a sumptuous dinner. After a series of keynote speeches, the two sides held a lively and enriching discussion on IP protection and bilateral economic relationships, sharing honest opinions which helped to deepen understanding of each other’s perception of the issues. 

US Congressional Staff Visits Tianjin Market and  Quality Supervision Administration

On the morning of November 1st, the delegation arrived at Tianjin, a beautiful coastal city to the South of Beijing, and visited the Tianjin Market and Quality Supervision Administration.  The Administration’s Deputy Director, Mr. Guo Chengming, held a dialogue session with the delegation on market supervision and property rights protection for local enterprises.Through the interactive session, the delegation gained an appreciation of local regulatory frameworks and how the Administration operates and protect enterprises in Tianjin. 

US Congressional Staff Visits Tianjin Municipal 
Committee of the CPPCC 

On November 2nd, the delegation officially visited the Tianjin Municipal Committee of the  CPPCC and met with Zhao Zhonghua, Vice-chairman of Tianjin Municipal CPPCC. During the meeting, the members learned about the achievements and challenges faced by American companies in Tianjin and they expressed development and future of American companies in China. During the visit, the delegation learnt of CPPCC’s essential role in the Chinese political system, as a collective body that provides representation and a voice to people from all walks of life in China.

US Congressional Staff Visits Tianjin Binhai Hi-tech Industrial Development Area

On the afternoon of November 2nd, the delegate visited Tianjin Binhai Hi-Tech Industrial Development Area, a national independent innovation demonstration zone established to promote independent innovation capability, strengthen industrial competitiveness and to guide regional development. There, the delegates experienced the completeness of its industrial distribution capabilities and advanced infrastructures meant to support hi-tech industries, providing new perspectives on Chinese’s technology capabilities. Besides the overview of the industrial area, the delegates were invited for a company tour of Tiandy Technologies, a world renowned manufacturer of advanced video surveillance solutions where they were given an eye-opening introduction on the rapid development of China’s emerging Internet of Things industry. 

US Congressional Staff Visits Cultural Sites in Tianjin

On the evening of November 1st, the delegates toured the Tianjin Cultural Centre, a public cultural venue where the Museum, Library and Art Museum are situated. The visit to the 3 attractions provided the delegates with new insights into Tianjin and local Chinese culture. They ended the night splendidly; taking in the beautiful night sights of Tianjin City on-board a boat as it cruised along the Haihe River.

US Congressional Staff Visits Yuanmingyuan Park and South Luogu Lane

On November 3rd, the delegates returned to Beijing and visited several culturally and historically significant attractions. At Yuanmingyuan Park (Old Summer Palace), the members experienced the solemnness and historical significance of the site. Afterwards, they visited South Luogu Lane, one of the oldest preserved alleyways in Beijing with a unique fusion of ancient and modern cultures. The visits left the delegation with a good impression of Chinese history and culture and brought the trip for the delegation to a successful conclusion.

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